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aspsoftlockAlmost thirty-five percent of the software installed on personal computers worldwide was pirated in year 2004. In 2004, the world spent more than $59 billion on commercial packaged PC software, up from $51 billion in 2003. Software piracy is the major area of concern for the software publishers worldwide. After spending lot of time on study and research, we at Ashtech Digital Concepts have developed an anti-piracy tool for the desktop applications developed in Visual Basic (VB) version 5.x, 6.x running on windows platform. Now you can protect your desktop software products from getting it illegally copied.

How does ADC - VB Software Lock works :

ADC - VB Software Lock for desktop applications basically comes with two different modules :

  • Lock Integrator, the module which will be integrated into your VB applications.
  • License Key Generator, the module which helps software publishers to generate the license key for their desktop software products for a particular customer (computer).

Lock Integrator Features

  • This module upon integrating into any VB application developed in VB 5.x or 6.x, protects the application from being illegally copied and used on another machine.
  • Integration is very easy and can be done in 3 easy steps within 10-minutes.
  • Once integrated properly, ADC - VB Software Lock takes over the control till your software application is properly licensed on the user's computer.
  • If your application is not registered on the user's computer, ADC - VB Software Lock will automatically display the license key form.
  • Your customer will see one 'Machine Key' on the screen. They just have to send that 'Machine Key' to you. 'Machine Key' is unique throughout the world and bound with the hardware configuration of the user's computer.
  • Once you receive this information from your customer, you can then use License Key Generator to generate the unique License Key for your application for that particular customer and then send that license key to your customer.

License Key Generator Features

  • This module helps software publishers to generate the License Key specific to their VB application for a particular customer.
    The generated license key is generally between 10-15 digits long and is bound with the hardware configuration of the customer on which your software application is running at customer's end.
  • Licensing information is written in the windows registry.
  • ADC - VB Software Lock has been developed in such a way that if user tampers the registry settings or if user tries to replicate the same registry settings on another machine, your VB application will stop functioning till the valid license key is obtained.
  • Each License Key Generator module shipped to the software publishers work on a different logic. Thus one software publisher who is using ADC - VB Software Lock can not generate the license key for another software publisher's software who is also using the ADC - VB Software Lock.
  • License Key generated is tightly bound with the hardware configuration of the computer on which your software application is running. Thus even if your application is copied on a different computer it will not run until the new License Key is shipped to the customer.
  • You can generate the software license key for a particular user which will run the software on his computer only for limited number of times. e.g. if you generate the license key for only 10 times operation of the software, your customer can run your software only for 10 times after which the software will be locked again. (Note: Closing your software application and running it again is treated as one operation. Doing it again is treated as running it 2nd time and so on.)

Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium Processor
  • Min. 128 MB RAM
  • Min. 5 MB Free Hard Disk Space

Software / OS Requirements

  • MS. Windows 2000 / XP or Higher with IIS 5.0 or higher.
  • Internet Explorer 5 or higher
  • ASPMAIL / ASPEMAIL / CDONTS mailing component

This page displays some of the screen shots of the product.

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