crmThis is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) + Inventory + Accounting + Quotation software in a single package with powerful features like cheque printing, e-mail and SMS integration, follow-up reminders, inventory stock keeping, delivery vouchers, payment advice, credit / debit notes, label printing, address book printing, etc. along with powerful reporting system.
This application helps any organization to maintain their customer / supplier records, category wise contact management, sales invoices, purchase bills, inward / outward payments, payment advices, quotations, follow-ups on quotations, follow-up reminders, product inventory, stock keeping, cheque printing, payment reminders, tax reports, ledger reports, etc. This software has all commonly required modules for any organization and special modules for web solution companies to manage their customers' domain, hosting records and it's expiry reminders.
This application is a browser based multi-user application which supports multiple organizations and multiple operators with user specific access rights to various modules. It also supports IP address based access filtering. Thus, this application can be securely hosted on web server or company's LAN server and can be accessed by other employees / operators (with access rights) from anywhere in the network using just the web browser.

Multiple Organizations

  • Software is designed to tackle your multiple organizations in a single package.
  • You can create multiple organizations in the software and set different settings for each of your organization.
  • You can create separate list of customers, suppliers etc. for each organization and maintain separate accounts and ledgers for each organizations.
  • Separate product inventory can be maintained as per organization and the stock keeping can me maintained organization wise.
  • Each organization can have separate list of operators with their own access rights.


Party / Contact Master Module

  • Contact master can be filled in with main contact types as : Customer, Supplier, Prospective Customer.
  • Each contact can be further categorized (if required) into user defined contact categories.
  • User can create any number of contact categories and assign contacts from contact master to these categories.
  • One contact can be assigned to multiple categories without adding the same record multiple times.
  • Customer / supplier / prospective customer account oriented approach for managing all records.
  • Manage thousands of contact accounts easily.
  • Have up to four different e-mail addresses per each contact account so that your quotations, payment notes, reminders, invoices etc. reach definitely to your contact.
  • Have up to four different mobile numbers per each customer / supplier account so that your reminders, invoices etc. reach definitely to your customers / suppliers using integrated SMS system.
  • Create and manage unlimited domain, hosting accounts (for web solution companies) and other orders for customer account.


Contact Communication & Label Printing Module

  • Contacts can be categorized and searched on various filter parameters like organization name, person name, phone, e-mail etc.
  • Selected contacts from the search result can be communicated by e-mail and SMS.
  • E-mails can be composed using in built WYSIWYG HTML editor. You can now create content rich e-mails
  • E-mails can be personalized by using dynamic replacement parameters like 'Organization Name', 'Contact Person' etc.
  • Labels for posting can be printed for the selected contacts.
  • Address book and phone book can be printed for the selected contacts.
  • Contacts can also be exported to MS. Excel file.


Product Inventory / Stock Keeping Module

  • User can create any number of product categories and sub-categories.
  • User can add any number of products in selected sub-categories under 'Inventory Item' master.
  • While adding products, user can specify several parameters like purchase price, selling price, tax applicable for the product, product description, model number etc. Based on purchase price and selling price later on profitability report can be generated.
  • Not all users of the software can see the purchase / landing price of the products. Confidential data can be displayed only to the users who have been granted such rights.
  • Whenever supplier bills and customers delivery vouchers are created for any product, the stock of the product is automatically maintained.
  • Similarly whenever credit note / debit note is created for the product, it's current stocks is updated accordingly.


Quotation Module :

  • Operator can create and e-mail the quotations to the prospective customers.
  • Quotation can be prepared for existing customers or existing prospects or a new prospective customers.
  • Inventory as well as non inventory orders can be added in the quotation.
  • Takes care of different types of taxes applicable for different types of orders.
  • Quotation is well formatted and prepared with clear indication of discounts, taxes applicable and total payable amount.
  • Administrator can see the list of quotations already sent by the operators and take appropriate steps for follow-up.


Quotation Follow-up and Reminder Module

  • Once quotations are created and emailed to the prospective customers, they can be followed up and reminders can be set for the follow-up.
  • Whenever user logs in to the software, it automatically shows the quotations for which the follow-up reminder is setup.
  • User can update the status of the quotation as either 'In process', 'Accepted by customer' or 'Rejected by customer'.
  • Quotation report can be generated based on various filters like customer name, quotation date, amount, quotation status etc.


Customer Billing / Financial Module

  • Generates 'TAX INVOICE' in line with Tax Laws and the Tax Statement, VAT, CST numbers etc. can be customized by admin from admin control panel.
  • Takes care of different types of taxes like VAT, CST, Service Tax etc.
  • Administrator can manage the master of taxes with their values. So even in future if tax law changes software can be easily configured for the same without any alteration in the code.


  • Operator can see the list of orders which are executed but not yet added in any of the invoices of that customer.
  • Selected orders can be added in the invoice.
  • 'Tax Invoice' is automatically prepared with clear indication on how much total tax is charged to the customer.
  • Invoice also prints company's VAT and CST number as per the government laws.
  • Company name, address, phone, VAT number and CST number can be edited by the administrator. So, invoices are properly generated using that customized information.
  • Invoices can be searched based on the customer name, date and amount.
  • Pending payments for invoices are displayed in the report.
  • Received payments against invoices can be easily entered in the payment system which keeps track of each and every transaction on the invoice.
  • e-Invoices can be emailed to the customer on their e-mail addresses.
  • If this software is hosted on public internet, customers can themselves see only their invoices online and can take the print outs of their invoices only.
  • Administrator can see the total turn-over generated during the specified period.
  • Administrator can see the total tax collected from the customers during the specified period. So, it is easy for the company to file their tax returns.
  • Administrator can tally the total amounts invoiced to the customer against the total amounts received from the customer.
  • Administrator can see the deleted orders and why they were deleted and by which operator.
  • Administrator can cancel any invoices and cancelled invoices does not reflect anywhere in the turn-over and pending amounts.
  • Administrator can see the sales comparison among different services. Shows which service has generated how much of turn-over in the specified period.

Reminder Module (for web solution companies)

  • Reminders for domain name and hosting account expiry are displayed on the screen.
  • Admin can set the number of days for showing the renewal reminders in advance individually for domain and hosting accounts.
  • Select the records and in one click sends the reminders to all selected customers whose domain and hosting accounts are approaching expiry date.
  • You can set different prices for individual records before sending the renewal reminders.
  • Shows the last reminder sent date and total reminders sent for individual order on the screen.
  • Send pending payment reminders to the selected customer accounts whose invoice payments are still pending.
  • All such reminders are sent to the assigned e-mail addresses of the individual customer accounts automatically.


Supplier Billing / Financial Module

  • Supplier bill entry module allows you to feed the bills received from your suppliers.
  • Takes care of different types of taxes like VAT, CST, Service Tax etc.
  • Provision to add multiple taxes for single supplier bill.
  • Bills can be searched based on the supplier name, date and amount.
  • Pending payments for bills (bills which are still not paid by you) are displayed in the report.
  • Paid payments against bills can be easily entered in the outward payment system which keeps track of each and every transaction on the bill.


  • e-Payment Advice is generated upon outward payment entry and that payment advice can be emailed to the supplier on their e-mail addresses.
  • Once payment entry is made against the supplier, software can automatically print the cheque for that supplier if you wish. (Cheque margins, alignments etc. can be customized by admin as per your banker's cheque book formatting)
  • Administrator can see the total supplier bills cost generated during the specified period.
  • Administrator can see the total tax spent on the supplier bills during the specified period. So, it is easy for the company to file their tax returns.
  • Administrator can tally the total amounts paid to the supplier against the total bills received from the supplier.
  • Administrator can see the expenses comparison among different expense heads. Shows graphically where the money is going by showing which expense head is more expensive and which is less expensive in the specified period.

Cheque Book Printing

  • Software has the facility to print the cheques on your banker's pre-printed cheque book on any ink jet or laser printer.
  • Administrator can set the margins for date field, payee field, amount in words etc. as per your banker's cheque book formatting. Thus, you can print cheques on any banker's cheque book
  • While printing the cheque, software asks whether you want to print the cheque as 'A/C Payee' or Barer.
  • As soon as you make the payment entry for the supplier in the software, you are asked with the options to print the cheque or not.


E-mail & SMS Integration

  • Software is integrated with e-mail and SMS features using which software can automatically send e-mails and SMS to your customers / suppliers on certain events like payment is received or payment is made, service reminders etc.
  • Administrator can configure the SMTP settings as per your organization to send e-mails You can set the From Name, From E-mail etc.
  • Administrator can configure the SMS Gateway settings as per your organization to send SMS. You can set Sender ID, SMS username and Password to send SMS etc.
  • Administrator can decide whether software sends e-mail or SMS on a particular event like payment is received from the customer, payment is made to supplier, expiring services etc.


Security Features

  • Complete software access can be restricted by specific IP addresses for the security purpose. Admin can set which IP addresses are allowed to access the operator side and admin side of the software. Rest of the IP traffic will be rejected access to the software.
  • Administrator can create separate operator accounts with their own username and password.
  • Admin can assign specific user rights to each operator.
  • There are 50+ different access rights that can be set for each operator of this software. So, whenever operator logs in to the software he/she will get access to only those modules which are assigned by admin.
  • Operators can login to the application and start using various modules. All important activities are recorded in the software against the operator name.
  • Invoices and reminders are sent to proper e-mail addresses associated with the customer.
  • Customers can see only their invoices and can not see other customers invoices if the application is hosted on the public Internet.


Operator Handling

  • Secure login system to ensure that only allowed users can use this application.
  • Allows user to add / edit customer records.
  • Operator can add / edit records for domain name and hosting accounts for any customer.
  • Once the hosting or domain record is created for a customer, system automatically asks the user to prepare the invoice for this order or not.
  • Operator can prefer to create the invoice for the recently added order or can add any other orders for that customer and prepare the invoice of multiple orders together.
  • Operator can even opt for not to include this order in invoice now and never in future also.


  • Reminder system shows the records which are going to expire in next xx days.
  • Expiry reminder duration can be set by administrator.
  • Operator can see the list of orders whose payment is still pending from the customers.
  • Operator can select the records and send renewal reminder to the respective customers automatically.
  • Renewal reminders can be selected from the predefined templates.
  • Administrator can create different templates for domain renewal reminder and hosting renewal reminder.
  • Operator can search for any record by domain names, hosting or by directly entering the domain name in search window.
  • Reports can be seen for total domain records, hosting records, records whose payment is still pending, records by registrar, records by hosting service providers etc.
  • Operator can select any domain or hosting record already present in the system and send its details like FTP settings, mail manager settings, domain control panel settings etc. automatically to the respective customer by e-mail
  • Operator can even create and send the quotations to existing customers or new prospects.

Administrator Control Panel

  • Add / edit / delete system users.
  • Set the duration for expiry reminders.
  • Create master records for registrars, hosting service providers.
  • Create number of templates for domain name and hosting renewal reminders.
  • Can create / edit / delete hosting packages.
  • Can delete any particular order if that order is not present in any of the invoices.
  • Can see the report of total turn-over of the company in any given time period.
  • Can see the list of orders whose payment is still pending.
  • Can edit / delete the quotations sent by the application operator.
  • Can modify the header and footer of the invoice which is sent to the customers by e-mail
  • Admin can take the daily backup of the complete data.
  • Backup can be taken in three different formats - .xls file, .txt file and directly to the given e-mail address.
  • Backup of all domain records, all hosting records and all customer records can be taken.
  • Administrator can prepare the HTML newsletter and send it to all the customers.


Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium Processor
  • Min. 512 MB RAM
  • Min. 100 MB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Printer (for printing reports / cheques etc.)

Software / OS Requirements

  • MS. Windows with IIS 6 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 6 or higher
  • ASPMAIL / ASPEMAIL / CDONTS mailing component

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