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  • Basic Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Rs. 6,999
    per Turnaround time : 15 days
  • TIER 1 (links to your site)
  • 5 Posts on Private Blogs with PA > 30
  • 3 Blogs on High Authority Web 2.0 Sites
  • 5 PDF Document Submissions
  • TIER 2 (links to TIER1 links)
  • 200 Mixed Platform Backlinks
  • Ultimate Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Rs. 13,999
    per Turnaround time : 45 days
  • TIER 1 (links to your site)
  • 15 Posts on Private Blogs with PA > 30
  • 10 Blogs on High Authority Web 2.0 Sites
  • 10 PDF Document Submissions
  • 800 Social Media Backlinks
  • TIER 2 (links to TIER1 links)
  • 400 Mixed Platform Backlinks

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EDU Backlinks

Why should someone buy backlinks on .edu domains? To answer this question we have to take into account that EDU backlinks are links on .edu (“education”) domains which are only given to educational institutes such as universities. As a result these domains are unique and cannot be purchased by anyone. Because of this educational relation most search engines – especially Google – categorize an .edu domain as holding the highest quality of web content. To conclude search engines pay great attention to the number of EDU links of a website. A backlink from an .edu domain is classified as the best type of backlink for any kind of website and can boost the search engine rankings of a website in a high effective way. Consequently it should be in the lead of your SEO to buy high quality backlinks on .edu domains.

Social Media Promotion

Buying backlinks from social networks is becoming increasingly important for SEO since search engines are utilizing and including the recommendations of social network sites into their ranking algorithms. The result is that every time a website is “shared”, “liked” or “retweeted” by a user on a social network, it counts as a vote for that website’s content quality. Search engines take such social media links accordingly into account as a factor to determine a website’s ranking on their result pages (SERPs). Our social media marketing campaigns essentially involve the receipt of votes and building of links on the major social networking platforms. Submitting your website to these networks is one of the most promising ways of generating a higher visibility and making sure that it reaches out to its targeted audience.

High Authority Backlinks

It’s important for your website’s rankings in the search engine results to buy backlinks on high authority domains. The high authority backlinks we build work in resonance with Google’s latest search algorithms (the Google Panda & Penguin updates). We choose only high moztrusted and authoritative domains for placing links to your website URL. Next to EDU backlinks, you should buy high authority links because they are one of the most effective type of backlink to boost the search engine results so as to house the ball in your court.

Website Traffic

A high amount of website traffic is in addition to backlinks from many perspectives beneficial for your SEO, because it’s one of the most effective ways to make the search engines consider that your website has a good reputation among visitors. Having a good traffic flow causes the search engines to give a higher preference to a website which automatically increases its value. Ultimately when you buy traffic this can next to backlinks result into a better search engine ranking for many targeted keywords. Another important benefit of more website traffic is that the high number of people visiting your website can lead to a higher chance of sales and a higher revenue.