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seo1Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is called popularly, is the key to get more visitors to your website. Visibility is the key to success. Are you visible to your potential customers? Do your potential customers know that you exist on the Internet? Are your potential customers searching for you but as your website can not be found on any of the search engines, they are going to your competitors' website? Think again!

Just having the website is not enough. You should bring your target audience to your website. Attracting the right traffic to the website is not just a process, it's a science. One should have the right technology to bring the traffic to your website. We have that technology and we can make it work for you, today!

We can bring your already existing website in top ranking on most popular search engines like Yahoo!, Alta Vista, Google, Lycos, MSN etc. So, be on top of your competitors when your potential customers are searching for you.

There are basically two parts of getting the website listed under search engines:

A] Search engine optimization  B] Search engine submission

A] Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -seo-services-swellmarketing

This process involves optimizing your web pages for better ranking on the search result. This process typically consists of following steps:

1) studying the search engines ranking method
2) changing the meta tags in our web pages
3) optimizing the title tag of the pages
4) optimizing the Alt tag of images
5) intenal cross linking
6) external cross linking
7) image optimization
) website loading speed optimization

To get the web page in top 20 ranking, any single web page in your website can be optimized for maximum one Key Phrase. Please note that one *Key Phrase* consists of at least 4 words and maximum 6 words. e.g. Key Phrase can be "Tour Booking in Pune” OR "International Hotel Reservation in Delhi" etc.

Irrespective of whether we opt for free submission or paid submission, the process of search engine optimization has to be carried out to improve the ranking in the search result.

If you want your website to appear in top ranking for more key phrases, we will carry out SEO on that many pages of your website. Thus, one page can be optimized for one Key Phrase and any number of such optimized pages can be submitted to the search engines individually.

We have several SEO packages and we can customize it for your individual requirements. But the basic package consists of


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NOTE : One Key phrase should have minimum 4 and maximum 6 words like “air ticket booking in Pune” OR "spot welding machine manufacturers in India" etc.

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B] Search engine submission :

Once the web pages in the given website are optimized for the given Key Phrases, they can be submitted to the search engines. There are two methods of submitting web pages to the search engines: Free submission, and Paid submission.

1) Free submission :
It does not cost anything, but in return search engines do not give guarantee whether the web page will be listed in the search result. And if it gets listed at all no guarantee of how many days it will take to list the website.

Note: In this Free Submission category, we don't give any guarantee about within how many days your website will get listed on the search engines. It completely depends on the individual search engines. Generally what we have observed from our experience is that site gets listed within 2-10 weeks (varies from search engine to search engine).

2) Paid submission / Sponsored listing :
In this option, search engines give guarantee that submitted web site appears in the sponsored listing within maximum 2-7 working days.