ADC - Call Xentra

call-xentraThis is specially crafted software for the Call Centers. The software is designed to handle incoming calls, out going calls, display caller name and photo on the screen, register all calls in caller history, send and receive SMS, auto send SMS on scheduled date and time, auto reply to incoming SMS, bulk SMS, detailed reporting, keeping track of conversation etc. Lots of amazing features required by any call center. This software works with any GSM modem or GSM Mobile Phone which supports caller ID and which can be programmed with the computer. We recommend iTegno GSM Modem though our software works with latest Nokia and Sony GSM mobile phones. The software is multiuser.

Call Features

  • Can receive incoming call.
  • Caller identity like number, name, city, photo etc. is displayed on the screen as soon as call comes.
  • Operator can either take the call or cancel the call.
  • New callers can be saved in the address book.
  • Can handle out going calls.
  • Operators can dial to any number from address book or can dial to a new number.
  • All calls (incoming and out going) are registed in the caller history.
  • If call is not picked up by the operator, it is indicated as the missed call and displayed separately in the missed calls list.

Address Book Features

  • Software maintains its own address book.
  • Operators can add / edit / delete entries in the address book.
  • Operator can directly call or send SMS to any contact in the address book.
  • Address book can be exported to CSV, MS. Access or Excel file formats.
  • Addresses can be ctegorised into different sections.
  • New categories can be added by the operator.
  • Extensive search facility for finding any entry in the address book.

SMS Features

  • Software works with any GSM modem which supports caller ID. Though our software works with latest Nokia and Sony GSM mobile phones, we recommend iTegno GSM modem.
  • Software handles incoming SMS as well as sends out SMS to any mobile number.
  • It has separate Inbox, Outbox and Sent Items folders.
  • SMS can be forwarded to any other numbers.
  • SMS can be replied to the sender.
  • Auto reply facility can be configured by which software will automatically reply to the incoming SMS based on the SMS contents. Unlimited auto reply criterias can be configured.
  • Bulk SMS facility allows to send bulk SMS to hundreds and thousands of mobile numbers.
  • For bulk SMS, numbers can be selected from the address book or it can be imported from external source like TXT file, MS. Access file or Excel file.
  • Personalised SMS can be sent to the numbers from the address book.

Scheduler Features

  • This software has the scheduler feature which allows you to perform certain call or SMS actions on predefined date and time.
  • Operator can configure scheduler to call any particular number on given date and time.
  • Operator can configure scheduler to automatically send any SMS to any number in the address book or a new number.
  • Schedules can be edited and deleted.
  • Repeat action every xx days or on every xx date can also be configured in the scheduler.
  • Snooz facility is also provided in the scheduler to display the reminder after xx minutes.
  • The whole scheduler can be activated / de-activated by one click of the button.

Administrator Features

  • Administrator can create different operators with their own username and password.
  • Administrator can assign different user rights to each operator.
  • Administrator can modify the modem settings.
  • Admin can reset the password of any operator or can cancel the account of any operator.


  • Detailed incoming call report with the time and call duration.
  • Missed call report.
  • Outgoing call report with the time and duration of the call.
  • SMS report

Hardware Requirements

  • Min. Pentium Processor
  • Min. 128 MB RAM
  • Min. 50 MB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Printer (for printing reports)
  • GSM Modem with caller ID support (We recommend iTegno GSM modem)

Software / OS Requirements

  • MS. Windows 95/98/XP/2003 OR
  • MS. Windows Server 2000/2003

This page displays some of the screen shots of the product.

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