Web-based Bulk Emailer / Mass Email Marketing / Newsletter Service

Ashtech offers the email solutions you need to send an email the right way. Experience how easy it is to create and send beautiful & personalized email campaign with Email marketing tools like Automation, user-friendly drag and drop editor, advanced segmentation, A/B testing, advanced metrics & reporting, and more for today’s fast growing business.

Email Automation

Send mails to an individual person based on his behaviour. No need to create bulky lists multiple times. Set a parameter and send mail when it is actually required. Want to send mail just when someone snaps you? or want to send a Thank-You mail when your customer purchases a product on your site? Automation is what you need.


Drag and Drop Editor

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Drag and Drop editor makes it easier to design creative mailer. No need to have skillful hands in HTML and other heavy softwares just to design a template. Just drag the element, drop it on desired position and edit its CSS. Amazing feature with amazing options, just feel your imagination and drag it.

A/B Split Testing

  • Confused ! what is the best content to send to your customers ?

    Learn what attracts your customers through A/B or Split Testing. Run a test with multiple mailers and let's decide the winner and shoot the final campaign.

Responsive Emails

  • You don't know when and where your subscriber will open your mail. Is it computer, tablet or mobile? Our responsive mailer design gives you freedom and ability to impress your subscriber anywhere.
  • Your mailer will look just perfect and beautiful. A quick preview will help you to give last moment perfection.
Spam Analysis

You do a lot of hard work to send an email with its design, graphic, content, etc. Then why spoil your hard work just because of some silly mistakes.

Our spam filter intelligently analyzes your mail and identify potential causes that put your mails in Spam.

Manage Subscribers

Store your subscribers in contact lists and manage them easily. You can perform segmentation to filter contacts, use lists in campaigns, automations, A/B testings, etc.


Image Editor

We believe to give power to our customers. Images are essential part of mailers. Its a very tiresome job to find or design just right image for our mailer. Our feature rich still easy to use Image Editor is a friend for you.


Special Filter Effects

Add stunning visual effects to your photos in various mode like sharpen, noise, blur, invert etc.

Apply Stickers

Add seasonal badges, funny signs, exclamation marks and more...

Crop & Re-size Image

Communicate efficiently by maintaining a balance between size of picture and amount of text.

Just Draw

Draw to explain more clearly and make your image more specific.

Personalized Messages

Each customer is unique and needs special treatment. Instead of saying "Hello" say, "Hello Sam". Give a personal touch to the subject and content of the mailer just according to the subscribe

Introducing Snooze

To reduce un-subscription rate, let's ask our user to un-subscriber temporarily by choosing period of time.

Web Forms

Create your sign-up forms and increase your subscribers. Customize every corner of your form to give it a personal touch

Interaction Rate

Give an in-site of the efficiency of Contact List, Template, Campaigns.

Multi List Segmentation

Apply similar segmentation on more than one contact lists on the same time.

In-built Templates

To help you design competitive mailer.

More Features Include

Dynamic Subject Line

Personalizing your email campaigns is a proven way to increase your open and click-through rates.

Geo Location Reporting

Analyze your open and click report according to the geo location of the subscriber and target your customers directly based on their whereabouts.

Custom Data Fields

Every business has its own relative information. Custom Field feature gives you liberty to store important data so that you can target them more efficiently.

Social Sharing

Not only you but also your subscriber can share your mailers on their social networking accounts

Schedule Multiple Lists

Instead of scheduling mails on single list select more than one contact list and send campaign on all of them at once.

Live Testing/Preview

Send preview mail on an email id with all the dynamic tags replaced by subscriber data just to avoid last moment errors.

Unlimited Image Storing

Images are the heart of mailers. Store as much as you want.

Hardware Requirements

Computer with Internet connection

Software / OS Requirements

Web browser (Internet Explorer / Fire Fox / Google Chrome)

Price list for the product

No. of Email CreditsValidityPrice per Email CreditTotal Payable
5,0001-monthRs. 0.35  (35 paise)Rs. 1,750
15,0003-monthsRs. 0.30  (30 paise)Rs. 4,500
25,0003-monthsRs. 0.27  (27 paise)Rs. 6,750
50,0003-monthsRs. 0.25  (25 paise)Rs. 12,500
1,00,0006-monthsRs. 0.20  (20 paise)Rs. 20,000
2,00,0006-monthsRs. 0.15  (15 paise)Rs. 30,000
2,00,00012-monthsRs. 0.17  (17 paise)Rs. 34,000
3,00,00012-monthsRs. 0.12  (12 paise)Rs. 36,000
5,00,00012-monthsRs. 0.09  (9 paise)Rs. 45,000
  • GST will be applicable additionally on the prices mentioned above.

Please see the payment options to purchase the Email Marketing packages.

** Important Note :
This web-based Email marketing solution is good for sending bulk emails / email newsletters anywhere in the world. As this is web based solution, you don't have to install any software on your computer for sending bulk emails.