Portals & Ecommerce Solution

11-2-300x209Portals are just one of today’s hot eBusiness models that are enabling a new and more successful breed of information-based relationships with customers and related eBusinesses. The playing field is wide open. Start-ups, big industry players, and coalitions of industry leaders are carving out unique places in their industries’ value chains. Portals are creating a new eBusiness venue resulting in productive customer relationships and significant revenue.

In developing eBusiness and eCommerce portals, ADC performs analysis and requirements determination, architecture design, technology selection, development and integration services, and implementation and turn-up services.

Portal development services consist of graphic design and architecture, navigation design and functionality, B2C and B2B eCommerce integration and seamless functional third party software integration.

We have already built many B2B and B2C ecommerce portals with the features like online trading, negotiations, shopping carts, credit card processing etc. You can visit our Portals & Ecommerce Portfolio to see what solutions we have already given to our clients.

Check our portfolio for Portals & Ecommerce Solution.