ADC - SMS Gateway

smsgatewayThis software checks any POP3 email id for an email in a specific format and sends the email message as SMS to any mobile numbers specified in that email. It acts as a SMS Gateway which periodically checks any POP3 mail box and sends SMS. Any software if wants to send SMS to any number, just has to send one email in a specific format to a particular email address. ADCPL - SMS Gateway will check that email id for the new messages and send the SMS to the numbers mentioned in that email. It is very useful for software publishers to have SMS feature in their software without requiring any SMS component. Some of the features have been specified below.

SMS Features

  • Automatically detects the GSM modem connected to your computer.
  • If you receive a missed call, software can automatically send the customised SMS to the caller.
  • Receive incoming SMS from the SIM card.
  • SMS can be delivered either by using GSM modem connected to the computer or by using any other external SMTP SMS Gateway.
  • Complete real-time activity log displays what activity is going on at any moment.
  • You can set the timing for auto receive and auto send SMS at any given time interval.
  • Set any POP3 email id for checking the emails at any specified time interval.
  • Automatically keeps log of how many emails read, how many SMS sent etc.
  • Keeps track of error logs in case of SMS delivery failure.
  • There can be several user accounts with some credits assigned to each of them.
  • User credits are automatically deducted as and when SMS are sent from their accounts.
  • Runs in a system tray without taking any space on desktop or the task bar.
  • Thus any software developer / publisher can now have SMS feature in their software by just sending the message to a particular email address in a specific format.

... and several more features which makes this software a true value for any marketing purpose.

Tested with following GSM Modems:
iTegno, Falcom, SAMBA, SCUD, WaveCom, Merlin, Nokia, Siemens

Hardware Requirements

  • Min. Pentium Processor
  • Min. 128 MB RAM
  • Min. 50 MB Free Hard Disk Space
  • Printer (for printing reports)
  • GSM Modem with caller ID support (We recommend iTegno GSM modem)

Software / OS Requirements

  • MS. Windows 95/98/XP/2003 OR
  • MS. Windows Server 2000/2003

This page displays some of the screen shots of the product.

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