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Some retargeting KPIs

Short links with retargeting Pixels

Be able to track, capture & retarget everyone who clicks on your links through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Quora, Pinterest… Supercharge your ads, never share a link like before!

Customize your social media links

With This, you can customize in two clicks the appearance of a shared post on a social network. Edit the title, the description and the picture, make your links shine again and boost your CTR!

Retarget users that click with Ads campaign

Use This to create super-targeted ads campaigns on your favorite platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Ads, etc. and boost your conversion rate!

Get analytics reports in real-time

Get real-time data on your links directly in your dashboard. This provides you detailed metrics such as the clicks numbers, referrers, audience sources... Run AB Testing, smart ads and efficient campaigns!

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Integrate Privacy opt-in pop-up for your retargeting links. Add your company name, your website and the redirection to your Privacy Policy. Let your audience accept/decline the Pixels and redirect it.

Custom domain name

Use your own domain name before sharing a link like

Pixels integration

Integrate Pixels directly in your links to track conversion and retarget every users who click

Links customization

Customize the title, the description and the picture of your links to increase your CTR

Report in real-time

Track & get real-time data about your links thanks to your dedicated dashboard

Smart Ads

Create super-charged retargeting ads campaigns to boost your conversion rate

Affiliate program

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