WAP Solutions

Web In Your Pocket

WAP is the enabler of mobile Internet. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is the standard that provides the first building blocks to wireless Internet services and applications. It is a logical next-step on the evolutionary path of the Internet. WAP will be important as the first technology that liberates the web from the desktop and allows users to do web surfing on pocket browsers in handheld devices and cell phones.

What Is WAP?

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a set of standards for providing interactive Internet services to wireless communications devices. Using a WAP enabled mobile phone or browser will allow you to look at web pages written in the Wireless Markup Language (WML). This language describes how pages are displayed on your mobile phone screen. The WAP standard was agreed on by an international group called the WAPForum.org, they also derived WML and a complementary scripting language WML Script.

WAP Possibilities

A new proposition that raises new challenges. Our core competencies are built around integrating WAP-enabled mobile phones and handheld devices with Internet technology.

Through new mobile extensions to corporate websites and Intranets we help you explore and pioneer new ways of communicating with your customers and employees. We call it "Wireless Pocket apps". Small digital assistants that makes life a little bit easier and brings more value to existing business. Suddenly a customer can reach your customer-care center when it is most needed. Mobile Knowledge management systems using new WAP enabled mobile phones and PDA´s will help your company to leverage existing Intranet systems to a mobile working force. New information, entertainment, commerce - and marketing services will let your company reach new markets and customers.

Website In 4 Lines of Text

Information design for pocket size devices. How do you design interactive applications on a mobile phone that is effective and easy to use? New guidelines are needed to optimize the user experience in an environment constrained by small displays, limited processing power and low bandwidth. ADC is developing new ways to test usability in interactive pocket-sized-apps. By testing prototypes with focus groups in an early stage and in their real environments we get a better and understanding of its use. Our technical skills on the server side are used to improve usability by building intelligent interfaces that modify content according to the users location, lifestyle mode and personal profile.

.Com Brand Building

Why Brand Building Is So Important?

Well, you have a website - a good looking website which functions equally good. But how many people know that you exist on the Internet? How many of your potential clients are aware of your online activities? And how many of them really know what your B2B or B2C portal is offering them?

No matter how good your ".com" is, its not going to generate any revenue for you unless people are aware that you exist on the Internet. And that is why making your ".com" popular and establishing it as a brand is very important.

How Do We Do It?

There are n-number of ways to establish your brand online and offline.

  • We have studied for years about the mentality of the Internet users, online buyers, online traders, end users, house wives and many such net hooked people who could be your potential clients for your ".com" venture.
  • We also have tie-ups with many advertising companies, printing companies which helps to give you right exposure at right time and that too fits your budget.
  • Before doing anything we deeply study your target market and the working style of your potential clients. Then we follow many proven steps to target your ".com" in the right direction.
How Fast A Brand Can Be Built?

This question is very difficult to answer. But to be sure its not a short time process. Your brand can be established within several months or even years. e.g. it took almost 100 years for Coca Cola to become the most popular brand on the earth, where as it took only 25 years for Microsoft to become the 2nd most popular brand. Don’t expect to become a popular entity on the Net in a day or two. Be patient and let our brand building experts guide you in the right direction.

We execute the brand building process in 3 phases. Each phase takes some inputs from the results of execution of earlier phase. We are constantly evolving and restructuring our phases depending on the current market trends.