Case Study

Poultry Trading Platform

Ashtech Digital Concepts helps Sable Enterprises make the trading of poultry products an easy and exciting experience by achieving maximum possible transparency in auction and negotiation system between buyers and sellers of poultry products.

Client say’s :

  • “Something special about Ashtech Digital Concepts (ADC) is that, they take the time to work with you to build your site to your specifications while still providing suggestions that will improve the performance of your site. Even more importantly, they stay with you to update your site to keep it competitive in the 'changing-by-thehour' World of the Web. Plus, they're very friendly and cheerful to work with…”
    Dr. Sanjeev Sable (Director –

Organization Overview

Sable Enterprises, a proprietary firm since 90’s, is headquartered in Pune, India. Sable Enterprises is a trader of different poultry products like broilers, day old hicks etc. with main emphasis on marketing and setting up of integrated broiler projects.

Business Need

Sable Enterprises needed a web platform where the poultry traders would come online and trade their products directly with buyers and sellers eliminating the middle person thus achieving the maximum transparency in the trading. They also wanted to show the real time happenings like price watch, market update etc. from all over the world and that too with easy navigation and usability.

The Happy Ending

Sable Enterprises contacted ADC for their needs and today they have an ‘award winning’ B2B website portal where daily 1000s of traders are logging in to either trade their products or to see what’s happening in the poultry market

Project Technology & Timeline

Solution Summary

   Industry :

Poultry Industry

  Scenario :

Sable Enterprises is working in a poultry industry from past 20 years. They specialize in trading of different poultry products like broilers, culls etc. They help sellers to sell their products at expected rate and help buyers tofind the right seller for them. They fix the deals on behalf of buyers and sellers and take the commission from them

  Situation :

Sable Enterprises needed a quick and user friendly web platform where buyers and sellers would come online and do the direct trading by auction and negotiation method thus giving complete transparency to both buyers and sellers.

  Solution :

Ashtech Digital Concepts built the B2B poultry portal for Sable Enterprises which not only facilitates online auctions and negotiations but also provide continuous market price watch for almost 20+ poultry products and updates the price ticker automatically. Tons of other features provided on this portal now attract 1000s of poultry traders everyday on the website.

  Product :

Approx. Team Size :4-5 developers team
Approx. Time of first deployment :1st Phase completed in 8-months
Approx. Time of final deployment :It’s a continuous development. Several phases have been deployed so far. Software is continuously getting evolved from past 3-years accommodating client’s changes in the requirements.
Technologies & Platform Used :Browser-based software application Windows Platform for Hosting the software Only web browser is required to use the software Developed in ASP.Net + MySQL database