The Times of India

An eye on the future, that never blinks

(Article was published on Sunday, 1st December 2002 in ‘The Times of India’, Pune edition by Mr. Huned Contractor. You can read the article on Times of India website as well)

If he had so pleased, 26-year-old Ashish Annachhatre could have easily settled in Germany in style. With a blue card, apartment and a car in tow, he could have looked forward to working on the cutting edge of computing technologies.

But instead of cashing in on his computer engineering degree, Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 certificate and job experience with IMC India, he opted for entrepreneurship. The “gamble” seems to have paid off now. Today, Ashish is gunning for big time collaborations with Indian and foreign IT companies for an innovation he has termed “website licensing”.

“Just like software licensing which allows access to a specific software package,website licensing provides ready-to-use sites which are pre-designed and come with hundreds of templates to suit a client’s requirements,” informs Ashish.

But while web development and hosting is one aspect of Ashtech Digital Concepts, linking the agriculture sector to the Internet is his other important domain. Ashish’s web portal has therefore specialised in producing B2B and B2C portals, e-commerce, database integration and eCRM solutions for agriculture businesses across the globe

One of his projects,, offers scope for product inquiries, trading and auctions for agricultural produce while poultrydeals. com goes to the extent of hosting hourly market updates.

“As of now, the farming community may continue to look at the Internet with a degree of suspicion, but corporate players in sugar, poultry, dairy, seeds and fertilisers are slowly becoming Net-based in a big way. Over the next few years, e-commerce will have a major say in agriculture,” predicts Ashish.

It is not for the first time that Ashish has gone where no one has been before on the Net. Even before Ashtech was formally launched, Ashish developed the indiaproperties. com portal and quickly moved on static sites to dynamic ones such as globalflowerdelivery. com, before setting up ‘Internet Swami’ to entice clients with offers of free websites.

“It is not enough to simply develop an ecommerce portal. To begin with, e-commerce for someone who is in the flower or gifts business can be a success story only if there is an organised back-end support. The site has to be so user-friendly and convenience-oriented that it would entice clients to use their credit cards for transactions. With e-banking facilities and RBI policies in place, e-commerce is no longer clouded by doubt and insecurity.”

The dynamic one-man show launched in 2000 has now progressed to a six-member team of software pros, a marketing office in Baramati which taps the sugar sector. “We are growing at 90 per cent each year,” reveals Ashish. And it does not stop here. Absolutely loyal to Microsoft technologies, Ashish is now working on SQL servers and Dotnet which is a language-independent technology. “The important thing is to keep an eye on the future and never blink,” he states. Ashish Annachatre… making giant strides on the Net.