Case Study

Plotting CRM Software

Ashtech Digital Concepts helps Kundalika Valley to computerize their inquiry, follow-up, booking, payment processes and various departments like billing, finance, marketing etc. for their day-to-day business activities, data analysis and reporting. The system was made web based for easy data sharing and instant availability of any piece of data.

Organization Overview

Kundalika Valley, a leading a leading real estate company and land developer headquarter in Pune, India. With main emphasis on developing lands with lot of amenities and selling plots at economical rates, they have conquered leading position in the real estate industry in India.

Business Need

They wanted a platform to computerize their various departments and automate business processes like sending quotations to prospective customers, following up with them, assigning tasks and client accounts to different sales executives, payment collection management, invoicing etc. in an easy to use system for better manageability and quick availability of the information at a click of a button.

The Happy Ending

Kundalika Valley contacted ADC for their needs and today they have a very user-friendly Plotting CRM software, which handles hundreds of transactions very efficiently every day.

Solution Summary

   Industry :

Real Estate

  Scenario :

Kudalika Valley is in the real estate business and mainly into plot selling for several years. They are one of the leading land developers Maharashtra.

  Challenge :

In the land development industry, managing day-to-day business activities is always a challenge. Monitoring the activities and work performance of the marketing executives, following-up with clients, managing their site visits, closing the deals and then managing the payment inflows is always a tedious job if done on paper. Kundalika Valley was facing the same problem of managing these day-to-day activities without a strong computer system. Without a good software it was difficult for them to understand which marketing executive is handling which customer, whether quotations have been sent to the customers on time or not, decoding the analytics of sales, finding out the performance of sales team etc. The challenge was to provide them sturdy software solution to computerize their business processes.

  Solution :

Ashtech Digital Concepts built web based Plotting CRM solution to computerize their various processes and bring out the transparency in the deals.

  Product :

Plotting CRM Software