Website Licensing

Website licensing is similar to software licensing where we give the license to the user to use our web designs on our server. We have spent years to develop very creative, eye catching website templates by spending a lot of time and money on it. So, instead of selling such costly website templates we are selling the license to use those website templates. Thus you actually don't own the website design chosen in one of these packages, but you own the right to host your contents, logos, pictures in our pre-designed website templates on our server. We have created 100s of web design templates ranging from simple looking to eye catching website templates, for different categories which suite all types of businesses.

All the websites which are displayed under the three different categories (iBRONZE, iSILVER, iGOLD) are originally developed by us and we have a copy right on those website templates.

Licenses of our websites cost from Rs. 0/- and onwards.

What benefits do you get:

  1. License to use your choice of website design (wide choice for selection).
  2. You can have your own domain name, website development and hosting at very economical price.
  3. You just select your website design from the wide range of templates and our experts will build the site for you with your contents, logos and pictures.
  4. You can thus go online within max. 2-5 working days (depending upon the design selected).
  5. We will maintain your website for the rest of the year.
  6. And all this for Rs. 0/- and onwards.